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Ingreto Supplies Potato Starch to the South African Market

January, 2019

Ingreto Supplies Potato Starch to the South African Market

Ingreto, a leading supplier of ingredient solutions based in Johannesburg, is also a supplier of imported Potato Starch to the South African Market.

Potato starch has many uses in the food processing industry. It is utilised as a general thickener, texturiser, binder, as well as gelling agent. It also has anti-caking properties and is used extensively in soups, gravies, baked goods, noodles and meat processing.

Potato starch tolerates higher cooking temperatures and is therefore widely used as a replacement for corn starch in baking recipes. It enhances and adds moistness to baked goods and often appears in gluten-free recipes as a thickener, instead of flour.

Ingreto supplies the Polish material, which is widely approved by manufacturers in South Africa. When purchasing from Ingreto, customers can be assured of quality and consistency throughout every batch as well as Kosher and Halaal certification.